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To Order my books or patterns:

If you are interested in any of my books or patterns please email me at   to let me know your intentions, giving me your name and your email address.  Please make a deposit to my PayPal account using the email address as the destination.  accepts major credit cards as payment sources.  After I have verified that the payment has been received I will email you (using the email address that you give me) with the book or patterns that you want attached as pdf files.  Please be sure to give me the email address to which you want the pdf files sent.  Please note that the book files are large (ranging from 5mb to 7.4 mb each).  Please respect my copyright.  These books and patterns are for your personal use, not for sharing or commercial use, nor for posting on the internet.  I really do need the income from these patterns and books to pay my internet expenses.

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My bobbin lace books and patterns for sale     *

Bobbin Lace Patterns - Individual patterns:

     F1  Floral Hankie Corner #1.   $3.99  Use Honiton or Duchesse working methods.

     F2 Floral Part Lace. $3.99   Use Honiton or Duchesse working methods.

     F3  Floral Hankie Corner #3    $3.99.  Use Honiton or Duchesse working methods.

       F4 Asymmetrical Floral Doily  $3.99  I used Honiton working methods, but larger in scale.  Duchesse would also work.

     Neck Lace #4  $3.99.  Part Lace, uses Honiton or Duchesse working methods (whichever you are comfortable with).

torchon with peasant spider     Torchon R29  $3.99.  Torchon pattern for #60-#70 Cordonnet or similar weight.  Full instructions on how to achieve color variations.  File is 435 kb.

Tape Lace Patterns   *

Tape Lace Flower  T 1     Tape Lace Flower #1 $3.99  Works well with Bockens 35/2 linen.

Tape Lace Doily #1  T2    Tape Lace Doily #1        $5.99   Full and detailed instructions for making this simple tape lace doily.  You only need to know cloth stitch, how to hang on and how to make braids/plaits and knotted picots.  Everything else is described in detail with many diagrams.  Suitable for a beginner in tape lace.

bobbin-tape-lace  T 4     Curly Tape Lace Corner       $3.99      A simple and easy design that can also be used as a dress applique.

Poinsettia Corner   T5  Poinsettia Corner      $3.99       For a corner or a dress applique.

Small Circular Doily      T6     Small Circular Doily     $3.99     About 5 inches across, fast to make.

    T7   Circular Sharp Turn Doily    $5.99   Presented in two sizes,  full description of how to do the sharp turn, alternate ways of working the design.

T22 Delicate Tape Lace Edging and Collars   t22    Tape Lace T22 $5.99.  Delicate tape lace edging in 4 basic patterns with several variants: the square pattern you see here, a handkerchief edging in 3 variants, the corner design by itself as separate motif or as a hankie corner, a round collar and a V neck collar.  File is 1.5 mb.   This pattern is very easy to make.  You only need to know turning stitch (how to go around curves in tape lace) and long sewings.

Torchon Bobbin Lace Lessons, by Lorelei Halley                           *
 These are some sample lace photographs and diagrams from my recent book, published 2001. Look here to see photos of all the patterns in my lesson book.


Based on my lesson series for private students, it is vastly improved and updated with several hundred new sequential diagrams and photos. Each page has 3 or 4 diagrams & photos, very little text. Contains 17 patterns, each of which introduces only one new technique. The lesson series uses color as part of the teaching process, because it is easier to understand what is happening when your threads are different colors. The many sequential diagrams, especially in the early stages, are intended for the student trying to learn alone without a teacher. Diagrams look very much like what you have on your pillow and are much easier to follow than verbal instructions. Being able to picture what is supposed to happen is 90% of the battle.  Photos and diagrams are in full color. Above are a few sample lace photos and diagrams (reduced in size). 157 pages.  2001.  My book is currently available as pdf files, broken into 2 parts.

TORCHON BOBBIN LACE LESSONS  in two parts (divided into 2 parts to make sending via email more manageable for those with slow internet service).  The book is strictly progressive.  Each new chapter assumes that you have mastered all the parts that have preceded it, and each new element is explained in detail only the first time it occurs.  Each half is accompanied by its own group of patterns, so PART ONE does stand alone.  But if you purchase only PART TWO you will miss all the explanations and diagrams which occur only in PART ONE. The early chapters are long because each element is described and diagrammed in great detail.

Torchon Bobbin Lace Patterns, by Lorelei Halley.  My book of 43 torchon patterns.

Torchon Bobbin Lace Patterns    See here  for photos of some of the designs.

Almost no text.  All explanation is in diagrams, mostly using the international color coding system. Very little text, some suggestions for hanging on.  Assumes the reader knows how to make torchon.

The 43 patterns in this book are original, with a few exceptions ( 43 & 44).    Originally I had created a number of more complex designs and then thought that the book might not appeal to relative beginners who were part way through a torchon class, but had not mastered all of torchon.  That is when I decided to deliberately create a number of simple patterns which would contain only one or two torchon elements.   I also tried to include patterns using each of the major ground pinning patterns  (torchon, honeycomb, rose/virgin) with each of the most common edge motifs.   As it stands now, the book is about 75 percent simpler designs, with the remainder containing many torchon elements.   They are mostly edgings or insertions (all with corners) but there are some mats.

Printed paper copy:  154 pages, in color, printed both sides, comb bound  $42.00 includes shipping within the USA.  Foreign shipping at cost.  Contact me first by email so I can calculate shipping cost.

Emailed as pdf files in 4 parts:  $19.96 for the entire book.

Introduction to Russian Tape Lace                                                         *

The Snail

Originally written in 1983, it is now revised: 47 pages, half is diagrams, mostly black & white.  This booklet is appropriate for someone who is just past the absolute beginner stage in bobbin lace.  The student needs to know cloth stitch, be able to spot the weaver pair in cloth stitch, how to make braids/plaits and knotted picots, how to make leaf tallies.  (These elementary parts are explained in my online lessons: Cloth Strip, Plaited Lace Lesson 1, and Tallies Lesson 5.)    Everything else is described in detail.  Three learning patterns are not intended to be pretty lace, but to teach the basics the fastest way with least expenditure of student's time.  Learn: turning stitch, working a pattern with no pinholes, single and double sewings, false plait, double braids, braid star, braid triangle, sewn triangle, margherites (leaf tally flower), zigzag braids.  I've sold a great many of these over the years, and have used it with my private students.

Emailed as pdf file    $15.99    INTRODUCTION TO RUSSIAN TAPE LACE,     47 pages     5.5mb    $15.99        russiantapeT3

My Hardanger Embroidery Designs:          All patterns include detailed chart for whole design.                         *

The first 2 are for beginners and teach the basics with full detail.

Patterns for Beginners with full and detailed instructions:

H 3a Adrienne  H 3a Adrienne             3.14 mb pdf file    $5.99

First Hardanger project, a small mat with kloster blocks, four sided stitch and cable stitch, all arranged in horizontal lines.  You will learn how to move from block to block horizontally, move horizontally and turn corners in four sided stitch and cable stitch. Straight buttonholed edge. Needle woven bars. Detailed instructions for loop picots with sequential photos. On 22 count Hardanger the mat is 4.875 inches. Prints out to 23 pages.  Over 50 photos & diagrams. 

H 147 Barbara Ann  H 147 Barbara Ann        1.5 mb pdf file    $5.99

Second Hardanger project, a small mat with kloster blocks, four sided stitch and diagonal cable arranged diagonally.  Full detailed instructions on how to move diagonally with these stitches and elements, and turn diagonal corners.  Also eyelets and square filet, toothed buttonhole edge.  The edge is just a little more difficult to cut than the first one, but is very common in Hardanger.  Mat is 5.5 inches on 22 count Hardanger fabric, 14 pages, 28 photos and diagrams.

 Set of 2 small mats which use the same stitches and techniques as Barbara Ann.  Diagram only.  1.5 mb pdf file  $3.99 for the set.
H 10
  H 10    600 kb pdf file   
Mat is 5.375 inches.  Same elements as H 147 above: kloster blocks, four sided stitch, cable stitch, eyelets, toothed buttonhole edge..  Dove's eye is diagrammed. H 110
  H 110      800 kb pdf file 
Mat is 6.5 inches on 22 count Hardanger cloth.  This has all the same elements as H147, just arranged differently: kloster blocks, diagonal cable, four sided stitch in diagonal rows, eyelets, toothed buttonhole edge.

Medium Size Mats        Diagram of layout, but assumes you know how to work Hardanger.                                                                            *

H 35A Lulu      H 35A Lulu        1 mb pdf file    $6.99

Mat is 6.75 inches in this orientation, 9 inches oriented with the grain, on 22 count Hardanger cloth.  Fully diagrammed.

H 78 Louise        H 78 Louise     2.5mb pdf file    $6.99

Mat is 8.375 inches oriented this way, on 22 count Hardanger cloth.  Oriented diagonally (with the grain) it is 10.125 inches.  Fully diagrammed.

H 85 Helen  H 85 Helene    1.5mb pdf file    $6.99

Mat is 8 inches on 22 count Hardanger cloth.  Fully diagrammed.

H 102 Diane  H 102 Diane    1.1 mb pdf file    $6.99

Mat is 7.75 inches on 22 count Hardanger cloth.  Fully diagrammed.

Small Mats                Diagram of layout, but assumes you know Hardanger.

H 11  H 11        900 kb pdf file        $2.99

Mat is 4.625 inches.  A good small project to practice the deeply indented buttonholed edge.  Also includes diagonal cable and eyelets. Small web is diagrammed.

H21a  H21b  H21        1.3 mb pdf file        $3.99

Mat is 4.25 inches on 22 count Hardanger.  Buttonhole circle filling, divided bars with branched twisted bar and Holbein stitch are fully diagrammed.  Also includes turret kloster blocks, Holbein stitch (double running), eyelets, buttonhole edge.

H 25  H 25a  H25        823 kb pdf file        $2.99

Mat is 5 inches on 22 count fabric.  Design has turret shaped kloster blocks, four sided stitch, cable stitch eyelets, buttonholed edge.  Use any filling you like that will fit into a 12 x 12 thread kloster unit.

H 32  H32        850 kb pdf file        $2.99

Mat is 4.5 inches on 22 count Hardanger cloth.  Design includes diagonal cable, straight buttonhole edge and eyelets.

H 111a  H 111a        1.1 mb pdf file        $2.99

Mat is 5.125 inches on 22 count Hardanger.  A good small project for trying out the lacey edge.  The strategy is explained and shown in photos.  Other elements include eyelets and dove's eyes.

H 124  H 124        680 kb pdf file        $2.99

Mat is 4.125 inches on 22 count Hardanger cloth.  A good small project to practice the deeply indented buttonholed edge, for just one day's worth of stitching.  Design also uses diagonal cable and eyelets.


My Pulled Thread Embroidery Designs:     

  PT 39 Jeanne         2.93 mb pdf file         $8.99                               Available soon.

File is 23 pages.  All stitches, both pulled stitches and outline or surface stitches, are diagrammed.  Mine was worked on 25 count linen.  Requires enlarging the pattern.



My Needlelace designs:   



More books and patterns will be added as I get them ready and into the proper form.


My Free Tutorials on this website:                  *

Bobbin Lace Basics -- the stitches, threads, winding bobbins, making the hitch

Strip of Basic Stitches -- cloth stitch, half stitch, double stitch, winkiepin edge, sewing edge

Plaited Bobbin Lace Lesson 1 -- Bookmark braid, hang on singles with a knot, windmill crossing, knotted picots

Plaited Bobbin Lace Lesson 2 -- Hanging on in pairs

Plaited Lace Lesson 3 -- how to connect the braid/plait to the footside, how to sew out at the end.

Plaited Lace Lesson 4 -- using a pin twice (or more), double thread picots, temporary pin.

Lesson 5 -- Tallies.

Plaited Lace Lesson 6 -- crossing 3 braids.

Plaited Lace Lesson 7 -- bookmark with tallies, cloth spot, 3 braid crossing.

Tape Lace Lesson 47 -- simple edging with turning stitch, sewings, long sewings.

Make a Pillow --    make a cookie or roller pillow out of wood and wool, for bobbin lace.

Needle Lace Tutorial -- Plain Bookmark

Needle Lace Tutorial 2 -- Leaf

Pulled Thread Tutorial -- Sampler

Pulled Thread Tutorial 2 -- Small Mats and Bookmarks

Hardanger Tutorial -- Basting lines help counting, loop picots, stitches commonly used,  etc, 2 free pattern charts for small mats.

Hardanger Fillings (Hardanger Tutorial 2) --  photos of the many possible fillings, the kinds of kloster units they can be used in, various shapes of kloster blocks and kloster units.




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