Learning Bobbin Lace--Plaited Lace Lesson 2

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This pattern differs from lesson 1 only in how to hang on in pairs.

LePompe Volume 2

Print the file at 125%.  The black pattern should be 180 mm long.


Number of bobbins = 12 pairs

Thread size = #60 cordonnet crochet cotton (DMC or Anchor), Bockens linen 50/2, Moravia linen 40/2.


Hang on like this.  (Hang 4 pairs, diagram shows only 3 pairs.)



Set 6 pins on the colored dots.  The red, green, and dark blue dots are temporary pins.  Hang 4 pairs on each of the temporary pins.  For the center dot, take the rightmost 4 bobbins and wrap them in a bundle around the temporary pin 3 times.  This will keep the bobbins from sliding around.  Once you have enough stitches made, sliding around will no longer be a problem.  

where to set pins     This original design was carved into a wooden block, so it is not presented as modern bobbin lace patterns usually are.  Treat the black lines as the paths that the various plaits will take.  You have 2 choices about where to set pins.  If you want rounded paths, set 3 pins, slightly spaced, smack in the middle of the black line as it makes the curve.  If you prefer a pointed effect, set only 1 pin at the apex of the curve, in the middle of the black line.


  Set the pink pin so 2 bobbins are to its left, and 2 bobbins to its right.  These leftmost 4 from the center pin will make a plait, beginning CTC.  Snug it up against the pink pin.  Work the plait until it reaches the intersection with the orange plait.  Remove the green temporary pin and untangle the rightmost 4 bobbins from that pin.  Make a short braid with these bobbins from the pink pin, just long enough to reach the 1st intersection with the black braid.
  Then make the braids with the pairs at the red temporary pin.  Make a plait with the right hand 4 bobbins from the red pin, and snug up against the orange pin set at the high point.  Work the plait from the orange pin to the point where it intersects with the green plait, then do a windmill crossing.  Work the green plait until it reaches the intersection with the red plait.  Remove the red temporary pin and untangle the wrapped threads.  Use them to make a plait, beginning with a twist, and work the plait until it intersects with the green plait.  Work another windmill crossing.  Work the orange, green and red plaits until their next intersections and leave them.


Take the leftmost 4 bobbins from the dark blue temporary pin and work a plait.  Snug up against the light blue pin.  Make it long enough to intersect with the green plait.  Then do a windmill join.  From this point just work the plaits following the black lines and making windmill joins wherever they intersect.  The little empty circles should be interpreted as picots, I think.  

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Posted March 6, 2012.