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This page is a collection of the little samples I've made while learning various styles of bobbin lace.  I am a sort of methodical plodder.

See New revival for intermediate and advanced bobbin laces.  See 2 Structural Classes for description of differences between the various kinds.   Newest   


Straight Laces


Torchon                                                                                                                                                       *
These are from my book TORCHON BOBBIN LACE LESSONS.
torchon torchon torchon torchon
wave motif
torchon fan fan torchon
3 point diamond
torchon shell shell torchon shell variant
torchon crescent
torchon spider gimp gimp gimp gimp  
honeycomb-ground  virginground-roseground rose-ground virgin ground virgin ground + leaf tallies combination edge

Point Ground
    This includes Bucks point, Tønder, Bayeux, Ret-Fi, Chantilly, Blonde, Polychrome de Courseilles.                                  *
See also   19th c Point Ground Laces        Modern Point Ground   Characteristics   & distinctions from torchon..       

point ground above, honeycomb ground below point ground honeycomb ground lace723 LH  honeycomb ground with gimp    
  point ground bobbin lace point ground bobbin lace sheep's head bobbin lace
Small pea - Bucks church window/plum pudding - Bucks lace 95
Nottingham p133
Maidment p 172
sheep's head design
Wright p33
point ground bobbin lace geometric point ground bobbin lace geometric point ground bobbin lace  
lace 480
Hamer 5.4
Nottingham p 198
Hamer 6.1
Nottingham 192
source unknown, possibly Nyrop-Larsen
kat stitch kat stitch fwb/Geraldine Stott  LH   floral Bucks point, 1st attempt  


     19th c examples.    Modern Examples    Characteristics.                                                                         *

From 2 pamphlets by Margaret Hamer  PILLOW LACE, BOOK I, 1975 and PILLOW LACE BOOK II, 1977.
  learn Bedfordshire bobbin lace
573 LH
fbb/MH 1.1
574 LH
 fb/MH 1.2
572 LH
fbb/MH 1.4
509 LH
fbb/MH 2.1
  508 LH
fbb/MH 2.3  Where new colors appear I added new threads.
   Any shape of bobbin will work.  Just match it to your thread size.
   417 LH fbb/Hamer II.5     417 LH fbb/Hamer II.5     142 LH
fbb/MH 2.6

I  recommend a cookie shaped pillow for Bedfordshire because the patterns often have braids moving backwards for short distances, and this is very awkward on a roller pillow.
  505 LH fbb/Pam Robinson 2 & 4 506 LH fbb/Pam Robinson 8    
From various books by Pam Nottingham  BOBBIN LACE MAKING is one.
507 LH fbb/Pam Nottingham 23 454 LH fbb/Pam Nottingham  13
Luton Museum
700 LH fbb/Pam Nottingham  14  
Bedfordshire bobbinlace
LH fbb/Barbara Underwood, 20 LESSONS, pattern #4 LH fbb/Barbara Underwood, pattern #5, enlarged to 149%, worked in #80 tatting cotton LH fbb/Barbara Underwood #6, enlarged to 160%, worked in #60/2 linen + Moravia 40/2 linen. LH fbb/ Barbara Underwood #7, enlarged to 180% worked in Bockens linen 50/2. 474 LH  designed by Barbara Underwood, pattern #8, enlarged to 180%, worked in Bockens linen 50/2.

LH lace 475, pattern #9 from Barbara Underwood I'm getting better at endings.      
  These 2 weird samples were made when a student wanted to try a collar pattern.  I saw that making a diagram or series of diagrams was going to be very much work. So I decided that enlarging the pattern to 300% and using colored pearl 5 might be easier.  These were actually stretching my own competency at the time, so I needed to work a sample anyway to prove to myself that I could do it before trying to teach a student.  Wherever you see a new color appearing out of nowhere, that is where I hung in some new threads.  The long tails are pairs I cut out when the trail became too dense.  My solution for 712 has room for improvement.
711 LH fbb/pn collar from Luton Museum 712  LH fbb/bu pl 9 pg 48  




Cluny        These are all from the LePuy school.            revival era Cluny      Modern examples       characteristics           

Cluny              Simple laces, include
1. connecting braid to foot
2. windmill join (crossing 2 braids) 
         These all involve crossing single pairs through braids, or abstracting single pairs from a braid. 
       These involve using the central pin more than once. At each successive pass you lift out the pin, make the new stitch, replace the pin, pushing the threads upwards. 
        Creating a braid of more than 2 pairs. 
 I designed the corner.
 These demonstrate the Cluny method of connecting a braid to the cloth trail. Two braid pairs enter. One of them plus the old weaver, move into the departing braid (green lines). The other entering braid pair becomes the new weaver (blue).


  See also revival era Flanders.   Modern examples   Characteristics.                                                                *

Flanders Ground:
new, old, cloth stitch
2 pairs enter at each pin. Clothwork has weaver and passives changing places. traditional:
The Flag
From Rombach de Kievid from Rombach de Kievid
traditional: Heart Mary Niven's version of the Cardinal's Hat.  I worked each corner differently. 1st is top right - worked per Niven's diagram.  2nd & 3rd - 2 bottom -  were my inventions, neither any good.  Last - upper left - worked per Niven's diagram, but I added 2 pairs for the thickest part of the hat. I redrew the traditional pattern for the Cardinal's Hat, to make it neater. traditional pattern: The Shoe traditional: The Lantern. I redrew it to make it neater.
Flanders lace        
the ape        


       See also 19th c Val.  Revival era Val.  Modern Val.   Characteristics                                                 *

    fwb/Yo Pauwels      


       See also revival era Paris.   Modern examples.    Characteristics.                                                                               



   See also revival era examples.    Modern Examples     Characteristics.                                                                          

 large snowflake
  lower half in half stitch

 snowflake in a ring

 snowflake in a frame
  fbb/Annick Staes
 small snowflake


Part Lace                      Characteristics      More                                                                    *


Tape Lace (Bobbin Tape Lace)
   See also 19th c tape laces.                                  *
  Revival era tape laces.    Modern Tape Laces      Characteristics                   

bobbin tape lace
Mincoff & Marriage
 lace 18 DMC Encyclopedia  DMC #47. See lesson for this.  
 These  4 are from my INTRODUCTION TO RUSSIAN TAPE LACE       


   See also revival era fine bloomwork.     Modern Bloomwork      Characteristics                                             *     

These are some of the standard motfis typical of modern Bruges Bloomwork         fbb/Rombach de Kievid
fwb/Yo Pauwels          


See also 19th c Duchesse.    Modern Duchesse      Characteristics.    

 fwb/Carola Van Hout-Geelen  From a workshop in Philadelphia. Designed by Sister Judith. m/b LH        


       See also 19th c Honiton.     Modern Honiton       Characteristics.                                                                 

fwb/Sheila Wells fwb/Sheila Wells   fbb Elsie Luxton   fbb/ Elsie Luxton   fbb/
 Suzanne Thompson
fbb Suzanne Thompson
fbb/Maidment. 30/2 linen          




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