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     Instructions for Braided Lace Edging B2

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Bobbin Lace Braided Edging B2
original design by Lorelei Halley Braid lace B2   lace 453  Designed and made by Lorelei Halley.

If you print this at 90% of original size, it works well with Bockens linen 35/2, Lizbeth cordonnet #40 (or DMC or Anchor cordonnet), pearl cotton 12.
11 pairs, wound in pairs.
I am showing 2 different ways to work the corner, because I could not decide which I liked better.
left corner  
   I think this version is easier to understand.

  I worked pin A this way.

Light blue lines are 4 strand braids (plaits). Purple line is one twisted pair.
right corner, version b
  I think this version looks better, but corner is a little more difficult.

I worked blue ring pin this way.



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