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Bobbin Lace Pattern Basic B
Basic B  On the original size pattern - 76mm - I used 40/2 linen. Alternatives: Bockens 35/2 linen, Cordonnet crochet cotton #40, pearl cotton #12.
17 pairs, wound in pairs. 
  Basic B   If you work the cloth stitch lesson, lesson 1, lesson 2, and lesson 3, you know enough to make this lace.  Original size of this pattern is 75mm.
hang on For the cloth trail hang the weaver on pin B (see diagram below left).
  Hang 5 passive pairs on each of 2 pins inside the trail (see left).  
  For the outer braid, hang 2 pairs on a temporary pin near A.  When the weaver arrives at  pin A, take it through the right hand hung-on pair in cloth stitch - ctc.  Then set the pin.  Twist it 4 times.  You will be making a sewing here at the end, and you want a hole big enough and easy enough to stick a crochet hook into. Take the weaver back through that same hung-on pair, and rightwards again through the passive pairs.  Remove the temporary pin. 
end When you get to the end, some small changes in direction are necessary, because you want the ending knots and bundles to be hidden behind the cloth stitch trail.

  Sew the green braid onto the beginning braid at E.  Then continue the green braid and sew it into F.  Sew the purple braid into F 

  Sew the weaver into B. 
  In the area of C and D you will have 10 beginning loops for the passive pairs.  Sew each passive into its proper beginning loop.  Be careful not to omit one. 
  Sew the 2 pairs from the outer braid into A.

Check to make sure everything is sewn into something, and in the right position. 
  Knot each pair 2 times.  Then make short braids or bundles and sew them into some hole so that the ending tails will be hidden by the cloth stitch. 

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