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  Instructions for Basic A

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Bobbin Lace Pattern Basic A
  Basic A Print the pattern at full size = 68 mm.  I used 6 pairs 40/2 linen wound in pairs.
  Bockens linen 35/2
  Cordonnet crochet cotton #40
  Pearl cotton #12
  Basic A

  If you have worked through lessons 1 and 2 you know how to make this lace, except for sewing out.  Original size of this pattern is 68mm. 


hanging on & ending The red dots are the hang-on pins. The outer edge pin gets 4 pairs.  The inner edge pin gets 2 pairs.

  The outer pin gets 4 pairs. 
  You will make 2 braids from these pairs.  The right hand set will make the diagonal braid that has double picots on it.  To keep the bobbins from sliding around, wrap the left hand bunch around a temporary pin 3 times.  Once the right hand braid is made, you can pull out the temporary pin and untangle the left hand bunch.  Make the outer edge braid.
Hang 2 pairs on the inner edge pin, like this.  Put 4-6 twists on the pair, above the pin.  This will make a large hole, easier to sew into.
Make braids, picots, and windmill joins according to instructions in lesson 1.  You can make double thread picots (explained in lesson 4) or knotted picots (explained in lesson 1).
  In this diagram the red lines are the beginning of your lace.  The purple, blue and green lines are the 3 ending braids.  All the pairs have to be sewn into a beginning place. 

Sew the blue braid into the hole where you hung on 2 pairs, on the inner edge.  Sew the green braid into the same hole, but it must then continue to the outer edge. 
The green braid and the purple braid will be sewn onto the beginning pin where you hung on 4 pairs at the start.  You don't have a hole to sew into, so just sew around the beginning braid.

Once you have checked the sewings to make sure everything is attached, knot each pair 2 times.
This pattern and the one from lesson 6 have in common the lack of a normal footside.  There are just braids.  So there is nothing to hide the ends.  I am leaving the cut off threads very long because I will use them to sew the lace to the top of a pincushion.  All the threads that I don't need to sew the lace on will be threaded into a needle and taken through the cloth to the wrong side.  That will solve the problem of hiding the ends.

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