Bobbin Lace Collar F19 Pattern
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I designed this lace in 1985, but never got around to making a sample.  With age, my eyesight is deteriorating, and sewings, in particular, are difficult to see.  I think it unlikely that I will ever be able to make a sample.  But what I want most is for my designs to be used by other lacemakers.  So I am giving this one away for free, as a gift to lacemakers of the world.


The collar is large, so it was necessary to break the pattern up into parts.  Print out the parts, and then match up the colored X's to get the parts properly positioned relative to each other.  Even when I designed this, I was a large person.  So if you are slender and delicate, the neckline may be too big.  So I recommend that you print out the first 3 parts and tape them together.  Cut out the neckline and try it on to see how it fits.  You can reduce the size a little to make the neckline small enough to fit you properly.  It may take some experimentation until it is the right size.  The first 3 parts contain the entire collar, and are the only parts really necessary.  I included the last two because you will then have the complete leaf sprays to the left and right of the center back motif.

  center  collar pattern F19 left  right

  leaf left  leaf right 


This can be worked using either Honiton or Duchesse technique.  The scale is somewhat larger than traditional Duchesse, and considerably larger than traditional Honiton, but the working methods would be the same.  I intended it to be worked in DMC Retors 30 or 50.  Of course, if you choose the 50 you may need more pairs. 


Some thread equivalents to Retors 30:  Aurifil #28, Sulky 100% cotton #30 (both are quilting threads in beautiful colors), Brok 36/2 or 100/3, Egyptian cotton 50/2, Tanne colcoton 30, linen 100/2 or 120/2, Bockens linen 90/2.


Thread equivalents to Retors 50: Aurifil or Sulky #50, Egyptian cotton 60/2, Brok 100/3 or 60/2, Fresia linen 140/2.


  labels   In case some of the markings are not obvious, some parts are labeled.

6 pair bud    This lace uses some of the same techniques.


The leaves could be varied by working half of each in half stitch, or by working in cloth stitch with some kind of decorative hole to lighten it.  Some flower petals could be worked in cloth stitch, some in half stitch.  The rosary motif (used in Duchesse) is usually worked in half stitch with gimp on both sides.  Since half stitch expands and contracts very well, there would be no need to constantly hang in and cut out bobbins as the segments widen and narrow.


Anyone who makes lace off this pattern, please send me a jpg photo.  Even if you work only part of the design, please send a photo.


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