Christmas Tree Card
  Free Pattern
  by Ilske Thomsen of Hamburg

  © Ilske Thomsen 2010

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The two prickings for Christmas cards are for people who have the courage to use our bobbin-lace-grounds in an unusual way. The idea to put something -- tissue, an embroidery or a bit of lace -- behind a frame isn't new and not mine in origin. What I saw in this way was mostly simple Torchon ground or what most of us name wild ground.   Here bobbin-lace-grounds are also used but grid and thickness of thread doesn't fit after the traditional way.

 green tree design Green Lace          violet Christmas tree Violet Lace         How to use the pricking.  Just work the plain ground.  Cut a frame using the green tree diagram (either straight or diagonal).  Place the frame on top of the finished lace.

The green lace tree
The tree lace is done with three different green tones.
Zürcher cotton 20/2
color 458   =  a in the working diagram
   "   292    =  b  "  "       "         "
   "   245    =  c   "  "       "        "

pricking for green tree  diagram for green tree pricking   The working diagram for the green lace shows two trees: one straight which is normal the other one is as I put the lace under the frame.  You can cut the frame with a straight tree or diagonal tree for either pricking.

The number of pairs for the green lace tree:
7 pairs  a
6   "     b
6   "     c
I am sorry but I don't know a name for the stitch the lace is worked in, but you could see there is only half stitch used.

The violet lace tree
This piece is worked in armour-ground in half stitch.  The violet piece is also done with

The number of pairs for the violet lace tree:
12 pairs  a   Zürcher cotton 20/2 color 314
12   "     b    Madeira FS2/2 No 20 color 412

violet Christmas tree pricking  violet Christmas tree diagram 

December 10, 2010